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Thursday, 30 October 2008

I wish i was a turtle sal nya ya laju sama rumah karas p nya mun langgar leh keta bulih picak so na jadilah so i wana be a duckie salnya ya kuning and it makes a quack sound that i find it very cute but ants are also cute bah jadi samut saja salnya durng cute and damit p mknan durng basar and they never get fat like a cow but a cow is great too so i change my mind eh i wana be a cow saja sal nya durng can be malas n na payah jalan jalan p nya durng bau cam babi utan but babi utan ragged ah sal ia ganas ah can i be babi utan too sal nya siuk ah durng cam babi oink oink p durng kuat cam beruang wow beruang shit ure huge man and hairy are u sweaty too shit eh u rock my world with ur sound wait kluarkanlah suara atu gilaaaaaaa basar damn i like to be a beruang plz cuz they ganas and they can slither ah baie eh mcm huge hairy snake eh snake long long eh wow i amazed i like i wana be a snake shit they have legssssssss i sleep i eat i walk lke a rat and rat is me food

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Friday, 24 October 2008

This is not Yas, this is Waie. Her coolest cousin ever. Heheh. Yas suruh aku post something about this special guy. He goes to Pte jua. Yas inda mau blog pasal ia cause she just can't stop thinking about him. Yatah, ia inda mau. If ia buat, karang getting worse. Hahah. Ok, let me talk about this Tomok dude. I don't know much about him pulang but he's a nice guy! Ia ani macam magnet wah. All the girls in school are so crazy about him. Najj,Wal,Ifah and otherrzz suka ia. Even the guys in school pun are trying to be like him. I don't know what's so special about him. What is he? An alien? hahaha. Honestly, I like his hair! Rugged berabis. Bah bye!


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HAHAHAHAH!I woke up tadi around 9 and ini terjadi

Me : * bangun and liat kiri kanan

Me : * Senyum and ketawa

Me : * On laptop and ketawa

Me : * bangang

Me : * bediri

Me : * garu kepala

Me : * liat cermin

Me : damn..

Me : *tidur balik

And now aku bangun udah!


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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

This is me and sampah yg ada di rumah..I miss that sampah..hahah!

My Family..Miss out abg anan,my abg ipar sal ia mengambar..

My Eyeteaserz..I miss performing and practise..I love you Eyeteaserz.

This is The Omars..I love them..ALOT!

My Family di skulah..KS you all!


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You can ignore me and pretend that i don't exist but that will not change my feeling towards you..I know that one day,miracle will happen and you will love me and not gonna leave me..I want to be by your side..I want to love your strengths and weaknesses and always be ready to make you happy..And whatever happens,I promise I'll be here for you..but the thing is,there's no such thing as miracle..So,all the things I want,will not gonna happen..Now,I am going to stop hoping and move on with my life though I still have feelings for you..It is very rare of me to get emotional and expressing my feelings to public,but tonite i just cant help it..From now on,I am going to appreciate people that really love me and do care for me..=) I Love my people..

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Invented by: Yas and Naj

Place of invention: McDonald

Date of invention: 16 october 2008

Time of invention: entah le..kul10malam.

How: Lick your hand and lapkan arah pipi urg.

harap maklum.

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Monday, 20 October 2008

Today was..emm..hahahhahaha!gila happy wa ku wlupun nampak ia sekajap saja..hahahhaha!okay..I am crazy but what the hell lama kaliah na nampak ia around skulah..who is he?that's a secret I would never tell..hahaha!speaking pasal secret ani..Mal!baby ada something kan gtau arah amal yg amal will tekajut bila mendengarnya..hahahahhahah!!!Damn..happy ku..hahahhaha!!Y m happy?pasal tekajut wa liat ya ada..I went to the toilet klinya udah turun capi2 sama zinatul and then toleh kesiring *muka tekajut..CLS wa ada!hahhahaha!what a day..

Here are some photos of CLS..hahahahahha!yes..saya tidak tahu malu..I don't care anymore..

okay..saya mahu tidur..hehehe..bye.

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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Okay mal,I know i bida dalam atu..ani wa gambar ah..hahhahaha!laps u..

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The only picture that I have in this laptop...

What if ur Ex says....

1)Why did you let me go?
= You know why..you never trust me..and as for u?

2)Can I win you back?
= Why would you do that?I prefer you to move on though it'll hurt me..

3)But I am very much happy with you back then.
= Thank u for thinking that way,I was happy too but unfortunately we had to seperate..

4)I still love you.
= I still love you too cause you know how to take care of me..

5)Can you go out with me?
= Sure..theres nothing wrong about it..

6)Hey,can i give you/ask for a ride?
= So that you can win me back?hehe..joking..bah manasaja..

7)Were you able to move on?
= I am trying by liking someone else though that someone else doesn't like me back..He's great you know..His name is ......you know who..

8)I regret losing you.
= Nothing to regret cause u still call me everyday and jaga me sampai tidur..hehe..

9)I cannot keep my promise to you.
= Its okay,my 3 years with u had been so great and memorable..thank u..

10)My parents do not like you.
= Its okay cause I am not with you now..

11)You have changed.
= People changed from time to time,you just dont realised it when I was with you..apanya urg,cinta itu buta..hehe..

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Monday, 13 October 2008

sucessfully hacked.
hai yasri pisang.
selamat hari raya.
btw, farhan's out watching to get us.
i akan mati apabila farhan baca ini.
hai farhan.selamat hari raya.
masih bulan memaaf2 kan ni.
too bad aku nda maafkan kau for being bitchy.
harap kau maafkan aku.
okay, next destination is ifahs~ :)
hai yas.
see you in gp! ahaha

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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

bananas. woooooooooooooo
selamat hari raya.

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