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Monday, 22 June 2009

19 kan syg?awu jua..19 jua..kan kan?watever..HEHE..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!emm..apa g kan ckp..owh yea..happy birthday..hehe..have a blast yea syg?i love you syg and i wish u all the best..gunting tah rambut..okay?nya urg utk untuk buang sial p utk klu gundul pulang tu p ani u buang sial sikit lah saja ah?apakan me ckp ani?happy birthday!
owh yea..thank you for everything!siuk me cuti ani sal ada you..i had a great time with you and you and you and owh yea your aunties..and also you.ahahah..majal..bah..HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMS!i love you so so much syg..

yas bercerita @* 23:26

Saturday, 20 June 2009

i think too much..and thats not me..who are you?you're not yas..i am not high..i just want the old me back..the one who senyum when ada problem..the one who ckp "manada papa ni" with a smile..the one who senyum2 wlupun angan2 and sorang2..the one yg selalu senyum and optimistic lah pokoknya..hehe.. i want that yas back..selalu saja ada masa sama urg..p klu ku sorang2 ilang tia..buduh..

yas,where are you..come come..i need you..i really need you..im kinda sad and i have this mixed feelings..entah eh..is this worth it?yes..but i dont know..im talking shit right now but who cares right..nyasal wa ku ni baca semua atu..YASSSSSS..wake up woman..dont cry little girl..ada ni ya somewhere..okay?

not that i doubt apa2 but sometimes i think that me and you.............................

I love you izzullah.

yas bercerita @* 21:55

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

she left word for me and made me think that in life,its hard to get a chance to renew ur self and erase ur past mistakes and at the same time it also made me think that a friend like u is very rare to find..there's no use of crying and no use of saying sorry now..I let all my friends down and that makes me what?u and all tried so hard to help me to be a better person,to advantage me in proving to all people that i can do it,but i did nothing to please u guys..a friend told me that its up to me to make the decision and not them and u are so right..thank you for ur advise..

its true im leading to nowhere now..i didnt know that this could make such a big impact on me..way bigger than the counseller..i think its because u are one of my bestfriend and u were very honest with ur words..im sorry that i waste all ur hard work and the others but im really trying..yes,i kept on saying that i will change but i dont..yes,i took advantage of this chance..i noticed..but i never meant to sink to such depths..i never meant to be like this..i know the consequences of staying like this..and i dont want to be a failure..i will try my best..

but i hope that u will stay as my friend and keep supporting me and talk some sense into me if i did anything wrong..just like u did to me..i am so sorry once again..and i love you and the rest..and thank you very very much..i really appreciate it..ks.

sorry for the wrong grammar..but i dont care..=)

yas bercerita @* 19:52

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

was bored, decided to hack baby's blog again and fill it with crap.

The funniest one of all:


yas bercerita @* 05:09


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YAS. just another human on Earth :)
pemalas sepemalas pemalas nya!


Amal yawps my love
Annie the layout changer
Izz yg jauh dimata dekat dihati
Baby wankuu~
Eyeteaserz ku yg kan becerita tah gnya
ETC- wane kau jamban
ETC- belle yang bebulu
ETC- yiena pukina yang pandai menari
Oh kakaku si angau
SDR- Naj yang lawa sama ajim ja
SDR- Pah yang selalu di buli
DR-Lijah pengucapan pastu kna karma
SDR- Aimi yang paling ku tatut
SDR- Fiqah ks awak le
SDR- Naj&Aimi sentiasa di hati yas.
SDR- Hazwan bininya no 4, aku!
SDR- Zed abang long sdr
SDR- Aziz penyanyi sdr
SDR- Waie the horniest guy on earth
SDR- Duan gatal no.1
Jim my sexy babe
Paten antah kau apa
Fazil tshirt obsesser.
Mirul laki paksaan
Zimo ya ckp ya kana panggil womanizer
Wann the security
Afsah tpi ia buat zuka
Dylla my hot guider
Patong Agas


SDR- naaj latif

Oh Boy~!


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