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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

you question me why you always have to takecare of my feelings but why don't i takecare of yours?

the best answer i can come up is that i'll have a lifetime to takecare of yours, if you know what i mean :)

i may not be the best of boyfriends but i'll be the first among equals to love you better and proper.

i may suck at being nice but i'll be number one in being an asshole :p

i have anger management but i've got issues with letting go as well :D

i love you syg, nothing beats being the boyfriend of the most awesome girlfriend that i've ever had.

and oh yeah, chill kay syg. i'm here so you don't have to worry about a thing :)


I love my Bebeh.

yas bercerita @* 22:50

Sunday, 19 July 2009

happiness is in the eye of the beholder.


yas bercerita @* 12:45

Monday, 13 July 2009

making love with the headset baby :b

yeah, you're probably right. you're the one who should sing this song :D


I love my bebeh ;)

yas bercerita @* 19:36

Sunday, 12 July 2009

You're all that I hoped I'd find
In every single way
And everything I could give
Is everything you couldn't take
Cause nothing feels like home, you're a thousand miles away
And the hardest part of living
Is just taking breaths to stay

Because I know I'm good for something
I just haven't found it yet
But I need it

Ï can live without you but without you I'll be miserable at best."

I love you baby.

yas bercerita @* 23:39

Thursday, 9 July 2009


yes yes..im sorry okay..i was busy..NOT!malas ba..paham kah malas..HEHE..suwi..so what happened?i was infected..positive of H1N1(selisma bayie)..ada bayie didalam badan ku..

well,i was sick and ive been quarrantined for the past TEN days..the first few days were very very extremely very hard..hehe..banar..i was tormented..stucked in the room and got nothing to do and i was in pain..plus i was on my period..so,plus the pain..how could u not be tormented by all that right?

i was stressed up especially at night..i couldnt sleep cause malam2 atu im in serious pain kdg2..idung cam baie testuck..bibir bangkak and shiiit sakit ah..kli mata lagi..and then paning g..and i cried a lot..ALOT!only one person besides god knows how much pain i went through for the first few nights..i no no want anymore..

when i found out that i was a positive,i was bangang at first,cause time atu aku tidur wa..kana banguni but then i cried a bit and then i went downstairs and there were 3 urg bla bla bla and i discreetly nangis p na nampak sal aku pakai mask..and when they said that yg kan kana antar tutong..that's when my heart stopped and many many things went through my mind..i was scared beetch..not scared to death..takut saja lah..but thank god that inda jadi..banar..i was relieved..

mcm tebalik kan ceta ku atu patutnya atu lah di ceta dulu..hahah..watever..so,the person that suffered like me jua but in different way lah..is my lovely lovely izz bebeh..although he is so far far away,he still managed to take care of me..well kind of..he stayed awake with me..well payah pulang tu sal ia kan tidur saja..hahaha..i had to force him to jgn tidur and he'd go.."syg,go to sleep..waaaaatt..ahhhh..emmm.." hahha..ia pun ikut stress..banar..i know it's very frustrating when you see somenone you love was in pain and you couldnt do anything cause you're so jauh and shit..im sorry syg..i love you..

people asked whether im okay or not..and i said yes im okay im fine im strong..but some tau yg deep inside im not okay..and they know that i was scared..sapa jua inda right?mcm whole babi masuk dalam badan wa tu..ketulangan jua tu kan na jua dapat nafas tu sal babi basar..payah wa tu kan keluarkan..hahaha..but i always put the negative thinking jauh2..im an optimist..when im arund people lah..i even smile when i cry..though im not okay didlm but you cant show it di luar..but na dapat control ah masa sama izz..hehhe..suwi syg..well,the more you think about it the more sick you will get right?

so,makin baik tia ku hari demi hari..hehe..and now im FREE!!!!!happy wa ni sal na payah g testuck dibilik and na payah g urg be mask around me n na payah g everytime i go to the toilet and my amah will go in after that to cuci..insulting wa tu catu atu..but then there's one soalan on my mind that buat i go bengang..

Am i fully recovered?cause people say that the virus has no cure and i read yg paper yg arah kutak tamiflu ah..it says that the tamiflu yg they gave me atu just to reduce the amount of the virus in the body..not cure it..if atu can cure me,they can say that tamiflu is the cure jua tu p bnrnya inda..so im not fully recoverd lah ni?im worried you know..i dont want people around me get infected by it..so im taking precautions..cause i might be the carrier..the virus in me can be still active or inactive right?mana tani tau..i asked so many people pasal ani and they went awuah cantah tu ah..izz googled it and i forgot apa ya ckp..hahahah..okay lupakan sal ani sal aku bnyak ckp udah..i love you people..

taruh gambar lama saja..im healthy!insyallah and alhamdulillah inda teruk..i have this gambar where my eyes bangkak..nantitah upload..

yas bercerita @* 21:02


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