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Sunday, 30 November 2008

1.Each blogger must post this rules.

2.Each blogger must being with ten facts about them.

3.Other blogger who are also tagged must also state the rules and ten facts about themselves.

4.You must choose ten people to give this award to and list their names at the end.

5.It is essential that tag is left at their tag boards,letting them know about the award they've received.

1. I am very lazy.

2. I am not perfect.

3. I love living in my fantasy land.

4. I am baby dk.

5. I am a dancer

6. I can be smart i mean really smart at times.

7. I want that boy.

8. I cant think lagi.

9. I think I'm gonna go now.

10. Bye.

I tagged no one.sal malas..hahahahah..sorry i tidak follow the rules..keep on rockin!!apaaannn...i love my people..

Mickey For Life.

yas bercerita @* 22:09

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Hello diary,

Yes,I am okay..I am fine..I am strong enough to handle this.. =)

I admit that I almost cried when I found out that my name was not on the list..I was dissapointed,sad,frustrated and mad..but I managed to control myself and accept the fact that I am not on the list..So that day,I just put a smile on my face and had a good few laughs with my friends..Trying to be calm and happy infront of them was very hard..but I know I am strong enough..and untill now,I still can smile and play around with my people..I am not regreting anything..I just go with the flow..

"A new start,a new beginning,just forget the past and keep on moving."

That will be my motto..I know that sounds bad..I just made that up but that quote is very motivating bah..For me lah ah..f na mau2 jua kan mau famoys quotes..nah..nya rihanna,just live your live.. hehe.

This is a picture yg urg na ready kan begambar p kana gambar..

Nyte peeps.

Mickey For Life.

yas bercerita @* 00:32

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Write your FULL name with your elbow.
NO backspacing.
Tag 10 people to do this.
I tagged no semua urg yg ada lam link ku!hehehe.

dk yasrikizzatik n ur aqkilah

Okay,it was suppose to be dk yasriizzati nur aqilah..maybe aimi punya elbow tajam kali..hahahaha!


yas bercerita @* 19:50

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I know kana tagged p I'll do it tomorrow ah??cause rite now I'm feeling emm..entah..No one to talk to..everyone na online..currently chatting with pah..p ya kan tidur udah..I don't know whether im happy or mad or sad or apa saja emotions yg exist..why ah?

Owh yea..I have a new friend..haha!and this friend is very funny and lame..sometimes,I don't understand apa yg ia ckp p its funny..and now I know why girls suka ia..okay,im gonna stop ckp sal ia cause why ckp sal ia ryte?

I miss them people..I miss Najihah Latif..sudahtah na skulah na lagi online..online pun kajap saja teputus2..hahahahah!she's a complainer(is there such word?) hahahha!serious man..she's a slacker!like me but im worse..ia tahap pertengahan udah..hahaha!but still i ks u..

esuk kan,manada urg skulah..lijah,paten and memet..those three..nada esuk so im gonna be a loner masa block4..I'm gonna miss them..ks u guys..

"you can give without loving but you can't love without giving."

Its true rite?Its not that im in love or kana reject or something to do with love or watsoeva!hahahah!Its just saya agree with the statement..

Am i in denial?no no no..hehe..nyte.


yas bercerita @* 00:02

Saturday, 22 November 2008

#1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
#2. Don't change your clothes, fix your hair, or do anything. Just take the picture.
#3. Post the picture without editing.
#4. Post these instructions with the picture.
#5. Tag 5 people.
I tag Pah,Naj,Yawps and antah..
Baik jua ku na telanjang!hahahahhaha!

yas bercerita @* 16:14

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Some wandom pictures..for me to see if i'm bored..mostly the pictures Pat yg gambar..yg arh dst sama pantai..lastu yg dua buting atu na ingat eh..hehehe..



yas bercerita @* 20:32


one hour to go before the amazing race asia finale!hahahahha!oh yes..saya lihat cause one day,i'll be on that show..either with my kajen jur or my lup naj..hahah!yes aku suka angan2..p mcm siuk ba..rite naj?my team is from i dont know,china?hahahah na ku tau and naj's team ialah team malaysia,yg plakun ah..hahhaha..we support them throughout the competition..it pays u know sal nya durng masuk final!HAHAHA!damn..actually m bored got nothing to do within this one hour..hahahhaha!so i decided to curi gambar dri bb ak and ckp sal amazing race!hahahha!sorry my english is bery bery bad..who cares ryt?hahhahah!

Now,in this picture i wore my baju tidur..and with heels..and seperti biasa..na mandi..hahahha!



yas bercerita @* 20:09

I miss you guyss..I miss memet i miss lah i miss lijah i miss paten i miss pah i miss all of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....I love ypu guys..

yas bercerita @* 00:11

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Hey..yes,I know..kana tagged p sadly I'm bery bery malas to buat..hehe..suwi..No mood kan begambar ryt now..sooo..aku ni kan mencari gambar masa dahulu kala yg masa my hair short and straight..p nya nada bah..*ada lampung atas my head*..Blog yawpss!!!ada ni gerenti..wait ahh..I check first..

YES!adaaa...byk..p i curi sikit saja..hehe..suwi yawps..I rindu rambut i yg lembut p kasar atu..HEHE.


yas bercerita @* 22:04

Sunday, 16 November 2008


I went to *tunjuk title* pasal apanah?pasal kan jumpa si Utt saja..hahaha..I was tired p nya when liat mukanya..shiiiiitttt..he's H.O.T hoooooooooooooot!gila sampai ketiak bepaluh pun ku na peduli wa..hahhaha..I watched his every move and all..gila obsess bah ku kan ia ah..hahaha!gila bayang punya gila bayang,begambar th ni sama ia..with my other cousins lah n sis..gilaaaaa....mkin ku hancur bah..hahahhaha..okay stop,nah the picture..

Yawps,Kaly,Utt,Me& Dk damit

okay enough of Utt..Jolin My Laki baliiiiikkkkk and met him lastnyte di *tunjuk title* ia bagas tanning..hahahha!recruit pulang tu bnrnya..gila i miss him wa so so much..udah bjumpa beteriak na ingat dunia bah ku..and and I met Pat..gila ya ani dmana2 ni..mcm dmana ada aku di situ ada dia..serious..hahah..bah nah some gambar that kaly and others took..aku malas ku ingau mengambar..gila bayang kan si Utt udah..and oh oh oh..Zunic activ-8 punya performance gilaaaaa....lawaaa..Raget wa..shit raget nya..bah udah tah im tired..


oh yes i forgot..met my DR family dmlm and gamabr2 ma waie..pahhhh,i want the gamabrsss..and Naj,yes I owe you masih p lastnyte atu anggap lah sebagai sedekah..hahha!I ks u all poeba.. Bye.

yas bercerita @* 12:20

Friday, 14 November 2008

hello..bila ni ah?kemarin dmlm nya..I went to The Mall and watched the talent show..kaka wani dpt masuk final and saya punya mulut terjatuh cuz meliat ia main violin..hahaha!and I liat ahmad fuad ka..soma juanya gugur mulut sal ia main guitar..apa g ni..we're not a band..I laughed and laughed sal cali but siukk..and and..magic show!*bediri and tapuk tangan mcm urg autistic..overall..me,yawps and ann..had a blast!

here are sedikit sebnyak gambar yg i stole from yawps..


yas bercerita @* 12:46

hai..Last saturday I went to JP,seperti biasanya bermain gokart p dat night kmi ramai sal ada kaly punya frens and she wanted to celabrate her bfday bla bla bla bla..haha..tired to explain,biartah gabar ani yg beckp..haha..oh yeah..we watched madagascar..so damn caliii..haha..

Then the next sunday..kpantai ah..ubd's beach carnival..tjumpa some of my DR's family..hai..i laps u guys..KS poeba..I don't have the pictures with me sal nya mostly rah my yawps punya camera..hehe..bye.

yas bercerita @* 12:29

hello me diary,continuation(sp?) of my days d Teyland..hahahha!batah..I know..nah I just post the pictures..mals kan explain2 g..hahahha..


Day3- went to the rose garden and had a blast!

Last day.


yas bercerita @* 12:18

Friday, 7 November 2008

I was about to update pasal Teyland p nya I malas kan cari gambar2 tersebut..Instead,I buka blog amal and jumpa gamabr me her and ann..I miss that girl..and amal jua..Its been a month now na jumpa ann..hai ann!!

ann,me,syaza and girah

Three anak virgin pengintan..hehe.

I took this shot of ann and amal..I love youu..

This three pictures..I love cause aku kurus ah dalam atu..baie..hahahhah!

Okay thats it for tonite..I emo I go I deep I go..hehehe..Zzzzzzz

yas bercerita @* 01:15

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Hai..I love tomok and that's final!be jelous..hahahhahah!sesiapa yg bertanggung jawab ke atas gambar2 di bawah,saya berterima kasih..hahhaha

Okay,lets get down to business..I pegi Teyland pada minggulepas and it was awwwwwsomeee..hahahahha!some pictures of day1..

I arrived at the aiport pagi2 buta and terus masuk dalam untuk makan breakfast..The sky lounge masa tu makanan nya na brapa nyaman..Instead,I took gambar of me sambil menunggu yg lain abis makn..HEHE.

On the plane,me and kaly had a serious talk..hahahha!u know pasal cintanya dan cinta I..blablablabla..sampai udah ke teyland..We stayed at amari watergate and it was sooooooo posh that we cant use slippers when masuk sana..NOT!mals tah ku peduli kan belawa mun gnya kan tidur bah..

After this and that,we masuk bilik le and tukar baju and all and head for the mall..and liat2 the street markets..It was fun and vewy tiring cause I am lazy bum..but I managed to survive day1 in Teyland..

Urg Teyland pikir I urg Teyland..They talk bahasa durng arh ku..and dalam ati aku ckp"eh,tau durang kah nini ku ani teyland?" hahahhaha!

Okay,that's it for today..To be continue..Zzzzzzz

Okay that's it for today..To be continue...Zzzzzz

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yas bercerita @* 15:31


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